Dan has been working as a photographer and videographer since the film and S-VHS era.  He is lucky enough to make a living at doing what he enjoys the most.  

Some of his clients includes:

American Express,  Porsche,  Google,  Hewlett Packard,  TD Bank, HITT,  Clark Construction, Hay-Adams Hotel, Mars Foundation, Delaware Investments, Washingtonian Magazine,  SPLC and others. 

All images copyright Dan Chung. All rights reserved. 

My goal is to make the best image that I can at that moment. Photography is about the "now" of that split second.  But its interesting that what is current is directly connected to the past.  I try to understand the past so that I can be ready for the "now". 

As a professional photographer, I think my job is to be able to translate my clients needs into photographs. These "needs" can be as simple as showcasing their newest product in the best light or as complex as wanting to show their company values or mission statement in a visual form.

I love the challenges of this process and respect the art of photography of this capability to communicate so efficiently and honestly.